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Amazon gift card deal

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The Big Cut

Alucard-bite me

So....I cut 12" off my hair.  It was an incredible experience and I don't regret it for a millisecond.  Just before Diane (my super fantastic hair dresser) made "the cut" I was nervous and questioned my motives.  As soon as she did it I felt a sense of calm relaxation descend on me.  It was exciting watching her shape my hair up and see my new hairdo emerge as it dried.  I freaking love it!  It's just past my shoulders with long, angled bangs and would still be considered 'long' hair, although compared with how my hair was it seems only medium length. 

Reasons why my new hair is better than my old hair:

- I don't sit on it anymore
- I don't get it caught in doors anymore
- I can sleep with it down again
- I can keep my hair down during the day
- I can actually style my hair
- It looks thicker and healthy
- It moves freely now and shines
- Less hair products, lol
- People don't feel compelled to grab my ponytail/braid and shake it
- I can fully brush and style my hair when it's wet (so I can wash it in the mornings before work)
- I have a lovely braid to put on the family alter with my husband's
- I don't get "trapped" in my hair
- People tell me how good I look
- It keeps my ears and neck warm in the winter when I wear it down
- Will be easier in the summer when I go swimming
- Still long enough to make family/friends brush it and pet me
- My cats won't choke anymore when they "groom" me
- I won't choke on it when the Santa Anas (local winds) blows it into my mouth
- I don't have to put my hair up before sex
- Less traumatic if it all falls out
- just looks good!


Tuesday Morning Weight Loss Update

fluffy and evil
Now hear this, now hear this....

- 100.1 lbs

(insert "Eeeeeehhhhhhh!!!!!" and girly screams and much jumping up and down here)

That is all.

Oct. 22nd, 2010


Breakfast: 1 scrambled egg with lf cheese & salsa
Lunch: 1 scrambled egg with lf cheese
Dinner: Indian chili chicken with saffron rice, lentil soup & small corner naan bread
Snack: Lf babybell cheese

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Going to Seattle!!!

Sitting with my sister at our gate waiting for our plane at the Long Beach airport. My first time at this airport & its teeny tiny!!! I hope that the car reservation goes smoothly; my very first time renting a car. I feel so adult.

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I would love to be this chick's friend

Zombie hunting SWF seeking kick ass partner

Date: 2010-02-05, 11:52AM CST

"SWF seeks SWM who enjoys farming, zoo keeping and serious preparation for zombie invasion for friendship, LTR and possible marriage. Must be willing to wear a kilt and own his own broadsword.

Must be down to earth kind of guy, no prior convictions, not subject to any criminal investigations. I will look you up on the state access database so don't bother lying about it. Am D/D free, you be too

Must hold liberal political views, while still supporting gun ownership, hunting and private land rights.

No racists, homophobes, or fundamentalists. No Jehova Witnesses or Mormons.

Must love dogs and be approved by my dogs. Must be able to ride a horse and allow me to spend large amounts of time with my animals without complaint. Must take me fishing and buy me a pint now and then. You can go out with your buddies too, I am not the jealous sort. But, you better be home each night in case the zombie invasion begins.

I am a strong, intelligent country woman who can drive anything, haul 10 gallons of water to animals at a time, butcher a deer and run a trot line. Country folk will survive.

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Sometimes things work out for the best...

Despite my cat rescuing and kitten rangling, I've never found an abandoned kitten.  That always confused me.

This made me tear up at work.  No matter how jaded I get with people, this reminded me that not everyone sucks...

Shadow Kitty - Thank You - m4w

Date: 2010-02-17, 9:00AM PST

Dear whoever left me "Shadow",

I work in public accounting and lead a pretty miserable life. We work horrible hours and I have almost no time to do anything else in life. One day (December 1st, 2009) after leaving work at 1am, upon heading to the parking lot, I noticed a box in front of my silver bmw. Scared of what was inside, I imagined it to be either a) a bomb, or b) full of baby kittens. Hesitantly, I gently tapped the box with my foot, nudging it knowing the chance of it being a bomb was pretty low. The box felt light - too light to be a box of kittens. In fact, no one meowed when it shook. So I took an even greater risk and peeked inside. I see a tiny baby kitten sitting inside with an empty water dish, soft pillow and warm blanket. Never having thought I would own a cat, I was about to leave the kitten there for someone else to find. However, it was approximately 35 degrees outside and with no food or water, the kitten would surely struggle through the night. So I placed the large box in my passenger seat and brought the kitten home with me.

The tiniest cat I have ever seen, she has the softest black fur, sweetest face and gentlest personality. On the box, in a child's handwriting an index card was scotch-taped to the side saying "Cat's home" and written on the box was "Shadow". Whatever the circumstances were, since you packed the box with the water dish, pillow and blanket, I can only imagine how much you wanted her to have a good home. This note is a simple thank you, and letting you know she has a wonderful home now and she has brought so much joy into my miserable life. Things are starting to look up, and I will be making life changes soon and hope to find new employment. As far as I know, an angel left Shadow for me that night.

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Amur Leopard

Amur Leopard kittens, I want to snorgle them to pieces!